About Me

I am a web developer with over 20 years of experience in web development, website building, server deployment and management, and computer maintenance.

I like to see people and their projects succeed. During my early career, I built an open source platform for the early web, which helped me develop how I relate I other people, and taught me how to build systems that were for wider use, and how to distribute the platform to a wide audience.

There's always a way to make things quicker and easier, the process just needs to be found. I worked in an environment that used an older system of paper inventory management, which I helped switch over to a system that made the process much more efficient. I believe in going the extra mile to make things better and more efficient. It can take longer on the front end, but the time, money, and resources that it saves are well worth it.

Being more nimble with less infrastructure is more maintainable and saves money. I worked with two small businesses to restructure their entire server infrastructure, moving each from a dedicated environment to a cloud-based one. Each business has saved thousands of dollars per year in management, upkeep, and they were able to work with less power while making the throughput higher and faster.

Excellence is a passion of mine. Without a proper standard for development, things can quickly fall apart. Starting a new project can be challenging from a development standpoint — from determining the platform and the framework and even down to the IDE — the proper documentation, coding standards and reviews up front can help save time and money in the long term. In every project I've worked on, I've introduced standards that helped the platform succeed. These helped in providing a decrease in development time, less overall issues, and quicker collaboration between teammates.



I have been involved in this space for over 20 years, and have many recommendations on my LinkedIn page.